Through Vs Baffles

Superior Backpressure Reduction

Baffle suppressors block expanding gases from fired rounds. This increases barrel and chamber pressure as much as 350psi causing significant weapon malfunctions and toxic blowback into the shooter’™s face.

OSS suppressors add less than 30psi to backpressure while redirecting and venting expanding and toxic gases forward out the muzzle and away from the shooters face.

Reduced Bolt Velocity

As gas expands rapidly backward in operating systems using a baffle suppressor, bolt velocity (BV) increases as much as 22%. This negatively impacts weapon performance and shooting experience with increased felt recoil, muzzle rise, and multiple malfunctions.

OSS suppressors do no™t increase bolt velocity (on some platforms BV is actually reduced), and dramatically reduces felt recoil and malfunctions.

Reduced Flash Signature

Baffle suppressors do provide flash reduction, but they often create a first round plume and sound pop. And with extreme firing conditions, baffle suppressors have been shown to lose flash suppression effectiveness as heat and carbon buildup increase.

OSS suppressors effectively mitigate flash and sound signatures in all conditions and rates of fire.

Reduced Thermal Signature

Because baffle suppressors block expanding gases, the energy from rounds fired gets trapped causing high and prolonged heat and degraded suppressor life. Thermal gains spike quickly with semi-auto fire, and even faster with full-auto fire.

By allowing gas to expand and energy to transfer forward at a natural rate, OSS suppressors deliver effective thermal management with some models experiencing 70% lower temperatures than comparable baffle cans.

*Comparison tests using Daniel Defense 14.5 AR15 with 30rds semi auto @1 round/sec.

No Sound Suppression Compromise

While it’s proven that OSS’s Flow-Through technology delivers superior backpressure, bolt velocity and heat reduction, some have questioned OSS’s ability to deliver hearing safe sound suppression comparable to the best baffle suppressors. With the same rifle type, ammo and weather conditions, we recently tested an OSS 5.56 suppressor against three of the leading 5.56 baffle cans.  The results should silence any doubts.

Don’t get baffled by competitive sound reduction claims.


Major Gun Co. Engineer

“Backpressure creates serious performance issues for modern weapon systems like ours. With OSS, our guns don’t even know they’re firing suppressed!”

U.S. Army SOF

“Awesome suppressors. Catching a face full of gas and crap with a baffle can will take you out of the fight for even a second. Not a problem with OSS.”

Major Retailer

“We picked up the OSS line after this year’s SHOT Show when we experienced the difference between OSS and baffle cans first hand. They’re truly amazing!”